Michael D. Smith
910 N Center St. Unit 2
Mesa, AZ 85201


Professional Profile

Keyboard Instruments, Percussion, and Guitar. Pro Tools, Cakewalk.  Highly Organized and Creative. Music and Sound Effects Coordinator. 3D Modeler/Animator. Texture Creator. Additional Proficiency:  Maya, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver.
MS Office Suite 97 - 2013.

Professional Experience


VR Technology Consultant, Burnout Game Ventures, LLC 2014-Present

Research Virtual Reality technologies to foster the development of the discipline.
Participate in development of new technology and enhancement of existing technology.
Give expert guidance and advice to assist team members in reaching goals.
Provide 2D and 3D concepts and animations to expand on various design elements.


Level 2 Technical Support, Cable One, Phoenix, AZ 2011 – Present

Trouble-shoot a variety of issues pertaining to cable TV, phone and internet service for both residential and business accounts.
Provide detailed documentation to assist further inquiries if necessary.
Help new hires adjust to policies and procedures, providing valuable feedback to help them improve the customer experience.
Constantly seek innovative ways to improve overall processes as they pertain to various points of contact within the organization.


Project Coordinator, Music Composition, Sound Design, Foley Sound Effect Creation, Singapore Math Now!, Scottsdale, AZ 2010 - 2011

Music Composition, Sound Design, 2D and 3D Asset Creation and Animation, Rare 2 Find, Tempe, AZ   2009 - 2010

Provide customized music compositions and Foley sound effects.  Maintain a cohesive aural theme for the varying levels to match the onscreen action.  Maintain proper sound levels for clarity.  Create and animate 2D and 3D assets for video games set for commercial release.


Level 2 Technical Support, Etelecare, Tempe, AZ 2007 – 2009

Trouble-shoot PC Hardware/Software issues for customers, replace malfunctioning parts
and resolve customer product issues
Practice excellent communication skills by verbally explaining technical issues to
customers and documenting extremely detailed notes on the trouble-shooting process
so that other technicians can read database notes to assist customers as needed


Lead Technician, Ashland Computer Systems, Ashland, AL 1999 – 2007

Diagnose PC hardware/software issues through verbal communication with customers to
identify issues and explained step-by-step process to repair and/or recommend in-store
Build, upgrade and repair computer systems to customer specifications
Set-up and maintain internet accounts accurately recording source data for billing
information and account maintenance issues.


Bachelor of Arts in Game Art and Animation, University of Advancing Technology 2010
Associate of Science, Southern Union State Community College 1990




Composed Introductory Music for Church DVD   
Collaborative Arrangement of the song “For Her”
Created Music and Sound Effects for the Play "Covering Dish"   
Co-Wrote and Edited Murder on the Mountain
Awarded U.S. Patent # 6,159,100 Virtual Reality Game      
Performing Arts Scholarship In Music
12 Years Perfect Attendance in Lineville Schools
Composed Percussion Arrangement for Marching Band